[237120, A1] Wk 1: Task 2 – Initial Position

Critical thinking is the process of analysing a subject, object or concept beyond face value. It encourages questioning the motives behind its creation, what influenced its conception, the choices behind how it is represented, and what purpose it is meant to serve.

To think critically think about the things we are constantly exposed to through our surroundings is to see the world in greater depth. Our senses of sight, touch, smell, taste and sound provide us with information by which to make quick judgements about our surroundings. Through critically analysing this information to assess the context of the senses, we are given the opportunity to reassess a situation and redefine our judgements.

By critically thinking about the information we are constantly provided by the senses, we can change the way we engage with our surroundings. Considering multiple perspectives allows us to empathise with people and increase our awareness of what it is to be a part of the global community.