[237120, A1] Wk 1: Task 3 – Introduction to the Paper

Nicholas Mirzoeff’s introductory text entitled ‘How to See the World’ contains references to a range of interesting references to the role of visual media in modern day life.

I was particularly interested in Mirzoeff’s note of the ‘selfie’ photograph being more relatable to the modern-day audience than a photo of the photographer’s environment (Mirzoeff 7). I had not before considered that the photographic trend was a by-product of the changing audience.

Another concept of note was a reflection of how edited ‘tiled rendering’ photos gave a false representation of the subject – a metaphor for how we see the world (Mirzoeff 10). It is a harsh reality that few images we are exposed to in daily life have not been altered.

Mirzoeff touches on globalisation, and how the global connectivity we have reached through the internet provides a false sense of equal opportunity (Mirzoeff 10-11). I am interested to see how this concept is developed through subsequent chapters.

‘Tiled rendering’
(n.): A method of changing the way visual media appears using digital image editing. This is accomplished by ‘tiling’ or dividing the existing image into a grid pattern, which can composite multiple images in one in a way that appears natural.

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