[237120, A1] Wk 2: Task 2 – Field Trip Site 2 Description & Analysis

804710_1716909835221145_881453464_n      The San Fran bar and music venue on Cuba Street, Central Wellington is a social site where people meet, drink, eat, and listen to live music and performances. The venue exists as a business, operating to make money. However, the site serves as a social venue for interactions with friends and strangers with similar tastes in music and the culture of Wellington. The San Fran building is very new in the context of Wellington’s history, having been built in the early 12804471_1716909841887811_298389011_n2000s along with the various cafes and bars. These would merge into the cultural hub that is Cuba Street, named after an emigrant ship which took its name from the Caribbean island (McKinnon).

The narrative best represented in San Fran is that of the musical performers, and how
the music they create reaches the audience in a way they identify with. The interaction between musician and audience creates bonds of shared interest, particularly within such close quarters as the venue holds. It is a place for forging connections.

12380443_1716909845221144_511135421_n   The San Fran site conveys a timelessness in its carefully chosen motifs of wooden floors and shutters, raw wire mesh holding up various glasses and bottles, and balcony reminiscent of Central and South American colonial houses. This falls in with the Caribbean theme of Cuba Street. The darkness of the venue contrasted against the light from the balcony is very atmospheric, creating a sense of mystery hanging in the air.

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