[237120, A1] Wk 2: Task 1- Field Trip Site 1 Description & Analysis

12834751_1218462838182084_1732219037_nThe City Gallery of Wellington is an establishment dedicated to making the works of national and international artists available for viewing by the public. It was erected in 1980 as one of New Zealand’s first National Art Galleries which solely exhibited works without collecting. The building was redesigned in 1993 by contemporary architects, retaining some aspects of the original building.

The collection is fascinating in that it focusses on contemporary artists from New Zealand; thus is acts to record the artistic history of New Zealand as it happens. The narratives portrayed are those of New Zealand’s artists,
but not limited to views of New Zealand. It allows the audience to view the modern world from New Zealand’s perspective.
The greater part of the gallery were exhibits by Pakeha New Zealanders and their impression of New Zealand’s place in 12834949_1010725849001884_809507458_nthe global context. I feel this limits the opportunity for introspection into the identity of New Zealanders within New Zealand, particularly the inter-cultural relationships between Iwi, Maori/Pakeha and immigrants living within modern day New Zealand.
12674569_1010725882335214_1969966453_nThe building itself is a patchwork effort of modern architecture and old, block-like concrete from the original foundations. The juxtaposition of modern large windows with exposed concrete and ventilation systems; of modern and old architecture; and of European style buildings with Maori motifs; all these elements represent the mixed heritage of New Zealand.

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