[237120, A1] Wk 2: Task 4 – Visual Text Analysis


John Nixon, ‘Blue Rider’ (1994) – See works cited.

My visual text of choice is an artwork by John Nixon, entitled ‘Blue Rider’ (1994). It is composed of a black lacquered, baby-grand piano with red panels laid against/on top of it, not adhered to any surface. It is one of 2 objects within a large space.

As the plaque shown below explains, the piece is a socio-political commentary on tradition through the use of everyday objects. The audience – the wider public across various social 12516463_1011468295594306_991488152_nclasses and backgrounds – is meant to reflect not only on the piece itself, but how it influenced the work of Julian Dashper, to whom this exhibition was dedicated.

The piece blurs the line between practicality and aesthetics within an object. It prompts the viewer to examine the concept behind it, to understand the purpose of the object within the gallery. The work begs the question of whether context makes an object worthy of artistic merit.

Works Cited

Nixon, John. Blue Rider. City Gallery Wellington, Wellington. Installation.