[237120, A1] Wk 3: Task 3 – Preparation Component A Critical Response Drafting (Part 2)

Key Points to Potentially Cover

  • Mirzoeff & “Today, the world is young, urban, wild and hot”
  • Context
  • Visual Culture
  • Wallace & processes of critical thinking
  • Mirzoeff & world view in relation to audiences

Reflection on Major Key Points

  • Mirzoeff’s description of how image editing and the mass spread of visual imagery in everyday life has changed the way we relate to images. I found the idea interesting that mass media has distorted the way we see the world around us due to image editing. Mass exposure to images doesn’t necessarily equate to a greater understanding of the subject depicted in those images.
  • Discussing the importance of context in appreciating the value of visual texts. Providing context to a visual text allows the viewer to gain in-depth understanding of why the text was made, what influenced its construction, and what purpose it was designed to serve.
  • Wallace’s description for the processes of critical thinking exhibited a fascinating approach in how to interpret visual texts. By dividing up critical thinking into the subsets of creative thinking, analysing, problem-solving, reasoning, and evaluating; Wallace provides a framework to approaching visual texts.