[237120, A2] Wk 4: Task 1A – Planning and Preparation

Analytic essays are a genre of academic written response to a prompt. They require analysis – critical evaluation – of the source material in order to formulate a response centred on an argument (Clarke 151).

This response usually takes form in tri-part structure: Description of the source material; interpretation of the material, usually through appreciation of context; and evaluation of the material by postulating conclusions based on evidence and assessing their significance (Pepper).

Analytic essays differ from other genres of academic writing in that they go beyond simply describing the source material, as with the expository or descriptive essays. It requires greater consideration through critical thinking, and examines multiple angles of the argument, as opposed to the persuasive or argumentative essays (Cappelen Damm).

Useful Links for Analytical Essay Writing

This website deconstructs components of the analytic essay, explaining how to formulate arguments and draw conclusions. It also provides a thorough guide to MLA referencing.


This document explains explicit and implicit questions derived from command terms:


The following explains the format of the analytic essay and how it differs from other genres of academic essay:


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