[237120, A2] Wk 4: Task 1B – Planning and Preparation (Part 1)

What do you think might be the advantages and disadvantages of these different ways of organised writing?

It seems that each of these methods lie across a spectrum: one end consists of greater emphasis on free-writing with a high need for redrafting and editing; the other extremity emphasising planning and structure, with little need for redrafting and editing. The former may be easier to read and flow better in writing style, while being a time-consuming process and difficult to make clear points. The latter may read more mechanically, while being efficient and concise.

Which way of planning and shaping is most like your own approach?

I clearly see myself as the architect writer. I have a meticulous approach to structuring my essay, with great need to annotate throughout the planning and researching processes. Thus, I feel little need to redraft.

How do you think your way might be different from any of these?

My writing method may vary based on the requirements for the task. Brief responses may not require much planning and structure, in which case I prefer to work with the ‘grand plan writer’ method.