[237120, A2] Wk 4: Task 3B – Writing Technique Free Writing Blog Post

Wk 4 Task 3B- 5min Timed Writing Proof- 5 Apr 2016.jpg

Transcription from my 5 minute writing exercise, in response to the chapter ‘The World of War’ from Nicholas Mirzoeff’s How to See the World:

Nicholas Mirzoeff discussed in his chapter of ‘The World of War’ the history of maps as a visual text. This covered the origins of maps to try and understand the terrain of battles in order to gain advantage by sending people to draw landscapes and sending up people from the air to map. This was sent back to the necessary people to strategize for warfare. The chapter covers how this method evolved across US Civil War, Berlin West Africa Conference of 1884, WWI, inter-war period, WWII, Cuban Missile Crisis, Cold War, Saddam Hussein / Bin Laden captures & Drones as implements to spy in modern conflicts. It covers how the photos & maps show power struggle as a form of historical record, of political power & dominance over others. As such, it portrays…

At this point, 5 minutes were over.