[237120, A2] Wk 4: Task 3G – Glossary

Visualise (v.): The process of being able to see a subject or landscape in the mind’s eye, without necessarily having the subject of visualisation present. Visualisation implies a thoroughness of seeing that would not be possible by looking – it involves a visual understanding from multiple viewpoints, of form, texture, elevation, etc.

Batik (n.): A technique of textile treatment founded in Indonesia, popularised in Africa after textiles were imported by Dutch merchants. It involves a layering of dyes, retained on the textiles by painting them with bees wax to resist new layers. Veins of dye from cracks in the wax are iconic of batik textiles.

Photomaps (n.): Maps created by photographing landscapes, a technique developed by the US military between WWI and WWII (1919-1938). This created more accurate representations of landscapes than man-made maps, revolutionary in war technology. This method would later inspire drone reconnaissance in the 21st century.