[237120, A2] Wk 4: Task 4A – Video Review Blog Task

The video above discussing the importance of visual literacy and critical thinking created by the Toledo Museum of Art is very passionate in its delivery. It strongly puts forward a case for the interlinking relationship between visual literacy and critical thinking.

While the video is very zealous in putting forward its message, I didn’t find it that valuable in information due to its limited content and repetition of the same arguments.

   The video above is a commentary on varying subjects within the context of visual literacy by director and filmmaker Martin Scorsese. In this, he discusses the topics of

  • Visual literacy
  • Cinematic storytelling
  • Violence in film

The discussion is made in reference to the history of film, his personal background and own cinematic works. Scorsese also makes a point of explaining why the need for visual literacy is relevant in modern culture, and that critical analysis of visual media should be taught in schools.

The point of the video was effectively communicated through the use of examples to support arguments, and through its explanation of its relevance to the modern audience. While the response was more spontaneous and unstructured, it did not distract from the message.

I would recommend this to others because it strikes an effective balance between being informative as well as passionate about the message. This makes information easier to absorb by the viewer. Martin Scorsese and his films are widely renowned, which means that the message and its examples are relatable. Due to a personal bias towards preproduction in film and cinematographic arts, I would definitely recommend it to people with similar interests due to his authority on the subject of visual arts.

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