[237120, A2] Wk 6: Task 3 – Contextual Understanding

  1.   Ideology (n.): A system of beliefs and/or dogmas subscribed to by social, religious and political groups within all societies. Ideology can be expressed with intention to spread beliefs to other groups, though is mostly acted upon at a subconscious level in our daily communications.

    David Low 'What, no chair for me'

    “What, no chair for me?”Political cartoon by David Low, from the Granger Historical Picture Society (Published 1938) 

  2. Consideration of ideology is necessary when analysing this visual text, due to the role that fear of communism held in international relations during the interwar period. The exclusion of the USSR from the League of Nations allowed for secret rearmament of Germany through the USSR, which was a major cause of WWII. Understanding ideology and the fear it breeds of other belief systems allows for greater insight into context in visual texts.

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