[237120, A1] Wk 2: Task 1- Field Trip Site 1 Description & Analysis

The City Gallery of Wellington is an establishment dedicated to making the works of national and international artists available for viewing by the public. It was erected in 1980 as one of New… Continue reading

[237120, A1] Wk 2: Field Trip- Background Reading Glossary

   Visual context (n.): The social and cultural connections humans make between words and their meanings. Context is the bridge between what we know, and how we express it; it is the knowledge… Continue reading

[237120, A1] Wk 1: Task 4 – Reading Comprehension of the Author’s Voice (Option A)

The brief excerpt from Chapter 7 (Conclusion) of the publication ‘Notes to Myself: Writing from the Gut’ by Sheilagh Walker is a powerful representation of the author’s Mihimihi and its relevance in an… Continue reading

[237120, A1] Wk 1: Task 3 – Introduction to the Paper

Nicholas Mirzoeff’s introductory text entitled ‘How to See the World’ contains references to a range of interesting references to the role of visual media in modern day life. I was particularly interested in… Continue reading

[237120, A1] Wk 1: Task 2 – Initial Position

Critical thinking is the process of analysing a subject, object or concept beyond face value. It encourages questioning the motives behind its creation, what influenced its conception, the choices behind how it is… Continue reading

[237120, A1] Wk 1: Task 1 -Influences and Aspirations (Part 2)

Art to me represents the telling of stories; the visual representation of the sum of the artist’s experience and beliefs. This crosses all boundaries of practice, media and era; from Michelangelo to Yoko… Continue reading

[237120, A1] Wk 1: Task 1- Positioning Yourself (Part 1)

My name is Sophia Kingsbury.    I was born in Aarhus, Denmark in 1996 to Lesley Holst and Jonathan Kingsbury. My mother is Danish, my father is from New Zealand. I have no… Continue reading