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[237130, A3] Wk 13: Publishable Blog Post (Final)

As Nicholas Mirzoeff proposes in his book How to See the World, it is the responsibility of our generation as citizens in the global era to challenge injustice (Mirzoeff 298). The global era… Continue reading

[237130, A3] Wk 12: Publishable Blog Post (Draft 2 of Final)

The global era – the time in which technology allows the sharing of media on a global scale – allows the everyman to act as a change agent by sharing perspectives which educate… Continue reading

[237130, A3] Wk 12: Weekly Project Development & First Draft

Final Work Sophia Kingsbury 14/07/16 “Manic Pixie Dreamgirl” Digital Collage Draft Work on Final Blog Post  

[237130, A3] Wk 11: Publishable Blog Post

I felt the need to take a more structured approach to my research, by stepping back and understanding the dynamics between social stigma, the reality versus the myths surrounding mental illness, and their… Continue reading

[237130, A3] Wk 10: Publishable Blog Post

This week, I worked to focus more on the social implications of the stigma of mental illness as a whole, as expressed by artists and art movements in the past decade. I felt… Continue reading

[237130, A3] Wk 11: Weekly Project Development

Research In consideration of the path I have chosen to take my project, I feel it is important to focus my research at this time. As such, I wanted to create a plan… Continue reading

[237130, A3] Wk 10: Weekly Project Development

Research I utilised key words and phrases from the brainstorm I created in Week 9 to research different representations of the stigma of mental illness by artists and designers. The strategy I found… Continue reading

[237130, A3] Wk 9: Publishable Blog Post

Mirzoeff proposes that it is the responsibility of the modern global citizen to foster an awareness of the presence of visual culture, and its influence in our perception of our surroundings. The global… Continue reading

[237130, A3] Wk 9: Weekly Project Development

‘Visual Activism’ Mirzoeff discusses visual activism in the context of bringing about change through visual media. Visual activism is the action of using visual texts and media in order to prompt change. This… Continue reading

[237120, A2] Wk 8: Task 1 – Critical & Contextual Studies Tool Kit

Planning and Preparation: Finding varied types of sources Analysing subtext of what the essay prompt is asking Finding good quality visual texts for references Writing Skills: Summarising blocks of text Alternate approaches to… Continue reading