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[237120, A1] Wk 2: Task 4 – Visual Text Analysis

My visual text of choice is an artwork by John Nixon, entitled ‘Blue Rider’ (1994). It is composed of a black lacquered, baby-grand piano with red panels laid against/on top of it, not… Continue reading

[237120, A1] Wk 2: Task 3b- Comparing & Contrasting Written Response

The City Gallery Wellington and the San Fran bar and venue on Cuba Street are similar in their showcasing of works to establish connection between artist and viewers, but very different in their… Continue reading

[237120, A1] Wk 2: Task 2 – Field Trip Site 2 Description & Analysis

      The San Fran bar and music venue on Cuba Street, Central Wellington is a social site where people meet, drink, eat, and listen to live music and performances. The venue exists as… Continue reading

[237120, A1] Wk 2: Task 1- Field Trip Site 1 Description & Analysis

The City Gallery of Wellington is an establishment dedicated to making the works of national and international artists available for viewing by the public. It was erected in 1980 as one of New… Continue reading

[237120, A1] Wk 2: Field Trip- Background Reading Glossary

   Visual context (n.): The social and cultural connections humans make between words and their meanings. Context is the bridge between what we know, and how we express it; it is the knowledge… Continue reading