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[237120, A2] Wk 4: Task 4C – Visual Analysis of Selected Images Blog Task

   The production of the visual text entitled “In the Rubber Coils” by Linley Sambourne provides great insight into its purpose. It was made in 1906, first published in an English political review… Continue reading

[237120, A2] Wk 4: Task 4B – Image Selection Blog Task

As previously mentioned in Blog Task 3F of week 4, I would like to work with the satirical political cartoon by the David Low, entitled after its caption, “What, no chair for me?”… Continue reading

[237120, A2] Wk 4: Task 4A – Video Review Blog Task

The video above discussing the importance of visual literacy and critical thinking created by the Toledo Museum of Art is very passionate in its delivery. It strongly puts forward a case for the… Continue reading

[237120, A2] Wk 4: Task 3G – Glossary

Visualise (v.): The process of being able to see a subject or landscape in the mind’s eye, without necessarily having the subject of visualisation present. Visualisation implies a thoroughness of seeing that would… Continue reading

[237120, A2] Wk 4: Task 3F – Bringing your own Knowledge to the Topic

Related Concepts to Discuss: In the context of the Scramble for Africa and the map of partition laid down at the Berlin West Africa Conference of 1884: The definition of civilisation plays a… Continue reading

[237120, A2] Wk 4: Task 3E – Locating Relevant Credible Material

2. ‘The World of War’ (Mirzoeff, Chapter 3. 99-127)   Boddy-Evans, Alistair et al. “What Caused the Scramble for Africa?” 8 August 2013. Selinsgrove Area School District. Web document. 7 April 2016. <https://www.seal-pa.org/hs/staff/teachers/ahuber/_layouts/15/WopiFrame.aspx?sourcedoc=/hs/staff/teachers/ahuber/SiteAssets/SitePages/WAHG%20II/What%20Caused%20the%20Scramble%20for%20Africa%20KINDLE.docx&action=default&DefaultItemOpen=1&gt;.… Continue reading

[237120, A2] Wk 4: Task 3D – MindMap/BrainStorm

[237120, A2] Wk 4: Task 3C – Summary of a Paragraph Blog Post

Summary of Nicholas Mirzoeff’s How to See the World, chapter entitled ‘The World of War’, section entitled ‘The Rise of Drones’, paragraph 2: Key Concepts: Aerial warfare – Drones Change in state of… Continue reading

[237120, A2] Wk 4: Task 3B – Writing Technique Free Writing Blog Post

Transcription from my 5 minute writing exercise, in response to the chapter ‘The World of War’ from Nicholas Mirzoeff’s How to See the World: Nicholas Mirzoeff discussed in his chapter of ‘The World… Continue reading

[237120, A2] Wk 4: Task 3A – Written Response Blog Post

I believe Mirzoeff is challenging the reader to consider maps and visual representations of land as being the product of power struggle. His discussion covers a brief history of how technology has developed… Continue reading